Why should I take out international life insurance?

When retiring abroad or choosing to move internationally, there are a myriad of financial concerns to be handled. But one aspect which is often forgotten or brushed aside is setting up a life insurance plan. No one wants to imagine the worst happening, or think about the consequences of an unforeseen death. The issue is even more delicate when you are moving far away from family members. But it’s important to provide for the ones that you love and make sure that, in the event of an accident or sudden illness, they will be protected financially and emotionally. Here are some of the reasons why you should think about taking out international life insurance if you haven’t already:

International Life InsuranceIt protects your loved ones

You can enjoy your new life abroad safe in the knowledge that, if anything were to happen, your surviving relatives would be paid a lump sum which will leave them secure, financially stable and looked after in your absence.

It’s easy to pay for

To secure an international life insurance plan, you simply need to pay a small amount into a periodic premium at fixed intervals. This is all it takes to protect yourself and your loved ones: the process is so easy, you will quickly be able to forget about it and focus on the excitement and luxury of life abroad.

The process is made simple

Obtaining life insurance while remaining in the UK is relatively easy, but overseas it’s often a different story. Many companies outright refuse to cover British expats.

But at Blenheim Global Assets, we’re different. We strive to make your move abroad as stress-free as possible, and allow you to remain in control of your wealth throughout. We know that you would rather relax on a beach or drink wine in a vineyard than worry about preparing for a sudden tragedy.

That’s why our Term Assurance and Term to 100 life insurance plans are designed to put your mind at ease.

International life insurance – where to find out more

Read about the options we can offer for international life insurance.

If you’d like to discuss setting up international life insurance or would like to learn more about our limited or unlimited coverage plans, please feel free to contact us.

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