Top investment trends this year

As we enter the final year of the current decade, the world of investment management is looking very different to how it was ten years ago. While the global recession of 2008 is now long behind us and stock markets have generally been rising ever since, investors have experienced a decade characterised by risk and uncertainty. What’s more, the world of technology has been generating plenty of new investment options for keen investors such as artificial intelligence (AI) and even space travel.

So what are the key investment trends this year, and should you be looking at new options for your portfolio?

Top investment trends this year1. Investors are looking at long-term options

Short-term investing can be a very attractive prospect for those who like to see quick gains and derive a certain thrill from the volatility of the stock market. However, a long-term approach may be much more beneficial if you are willing to hold on to your stocks for at least five years. This is particularly true if you conduct thorough research on young sectors set to experience strong growth such as FinTech, AI, cloud computing or electric cars.

2. Renewable energy is a thriving sector

The renewable energy sector is set to be a hot prospect over the next decade as governments worldwide continue to heed warnings about climate change. Solar power, in particular, is experiencing strong growth right now.

3. Ethical investments are gaining traction

As an increasing number of millennials start to build portfolios, the environmental and social impact of investing is becoming an ever more important factor when it comes to decision making.

In some ways, investing in well-managed companies with a social conscience is a relatively safe bet as such organisations are less likely to take unnecessary risks and tend to focus their efforts on returning a steady profit.

4. E-commerce is a hot sector

The world of e-commerce has gained unprecedented traction over the last few years and is unlikely to slow down any time soon. Retail giant Amazon, for example, was reported to have sales amounting to $52.9 billion in the second quarter of 2018 and is driving a robust and healthy growth that should be very attractive to investors.

Investment trends – where to find out more

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