International Savings Opportunities

Saving is a great habit to get into, and it’s even more important when you’re living and working abroad.

You may not have a company pension plan, university fees can be a lot more expensive or you may wish to buy an extra home locally. Aside from the lifestyle and experience, most expats work abroad because the salaries can be significantly higher and taxes potentially lower, so it’s a great opportunity to save while you’re away.

Blenheim Global Assets have privileged terms of business with some of the world’s leading financial institutions. We make it simpler for you to save and invest directly into savings and investment products that give you significant financial advantages and flexibility over traditional high street regular savings products.

With years of experience and collaboration with some of the world’s leading financial institutions, this has given us the opportunity to offer our clients savings plans that meet their changing needs throughout the many stages of life.

Are you saving enough?
There’s a balance to be struck between saving and investing – and between saving and living. As part of our financial review, your risk profile, your disposable income, outgoings and current portfolio will be examined to ensure any recommendations we make are personalised to you and your own ambitions and financial status and long-term goals and liabilities, and help structure your savings and investment portfolio to meet these.

We are committed to helping you make the most of your money as effortlessly for you as possible.

We will remove the requirement to chase headline rates, continue to ensure that you are rewarded with improved institutional rates, and keep a close check on the balance of your portfolio, based on your personal risk and financial goal profile.

There are many kinds of plan available, some very flexible, others quite rigid. Choose the term that’s right for you and we’ll find the perfect plan.