Reasons to invest now

Whether you’ve always been thinking about investing but you’ve never taken the plunge, or if you’re a veteran investor who is thinking about increasing their assets, there are so many reasons why investing is a great idea right now. With factors like Brexit and inflation to consider, investing with a wealth management specialist could be the most lucrative decision you make this year. So, is the right time to invest? We look at reasons you should invest now.

Reasons to invest now

Poor interest rates

One of the most important reasons you should be thinking about investing is the low-interest rates currently offered on savings accounts. At the moment, your money sitting in a saving account is actually losing value because of inflation. Though there are some high-interest savings accounts available, they often come with a number of caveats. The low-interest rates offered by many savings accounts mean that many people are looking for alternative options, as simply saving into a standard account isn’t working for them.

Not so risky

It’s a well known saying that with risk comes reward, but when you deal with a financial advisor from BGA they will be able to help you decide how much risk you are comfortable with. An independent financial advisor who specialises in wealth management will be able to help you make your money grow in the best way possible for you. If you are saving up for a home, your retirement or your children, then you want your money to be able to work for you, and investing is the best way to do this.

Looking at the long-term

Investments work best over a long period of time, whether it’s property or shares. To really benefit from investing, it’s worth doing it as early as possible. It’s often advised that investments need at least five years to really perform, so if you start investing this year, you will be able to see the rewards sooner.


Because of Brexit, and the uncertainty surrounding the UK’s deal (or no deal) for leaving the European Union, there are opportunities out there for savvy investors. With an unstable pound, other currencies can have higher purchasing power, and it might be worth considering investing while your money can go further. It also might be harder to invest after Brexit, with many details still needing to be ironed out.

Reasons you should invest now – where to find out more

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