Pensions & Retirement Planning

You may want to work until your last breath. Or you may desire to retire much earlier. All it takes is a plan. Putting it off until tomorrow, will simply delay the inevitable. Remember, it is better to do something than nothing at all. Give yourself the best chance to have a secure future by making plans now.

At Blenheim Global Assets, our experts can help you achieve your financial goals and ambitions. Once you have clear focus, we will recommend fixed steps for you to meet these goals. We take away the worry and confusion, helping you with every decision you have to make when building your pension fund and structuring your investments to maximise your retirement income for life.

Have a plan
What target fund do you require at retirement?
When and where would you like to retire?
What income would you like and what income would you need?

Between now and retirement, it is important to manage your finances and budget in line with your long term retirement plan. Bonuses and surplus income can all make a massive difference to your savings pot over the long term.

Blenheim Global Assets will:

  • Assess any current pension or savings plans you may have.
  • Determine your retirement and future goals, plans and ambitions.
  • Combine your financial position to your future and financial ambitions
  • Review your investments to ensure growth targets are met.
  • Review legislation to be confident changes won’t affect your plans.
  • Review life changes to keep you on track for your dream retirement.
As you near retirement, adjustments to the way your money is invested may be essential.

When you retire, our focus shifts to ensuring you maximise the income you can enjoy, and that you secure your assets for your lifetime and for your beneficiaries.

The advisers at Blenheim Global Assets have years of experience in the financial services sector and, particularly, when it comes to retirement planning. No other brokerage can better the advice that we will offer you. When you plan with us regarding what to do with your pension, you know that you will be saving yourself time, money and worry.

Frozen Pensions

Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes

International SIPP

Qualifying Non-UK Pension Scheme

Blenheim Global Assets would be pleased to offer impartial advice with a full explanation of the potential benefits and a structure appropriate to your needs.