Pension planning for expats – what you need to consider

Increasing numbers of British people are moving abroad to enjoy their retirement in the sun. While this offers people the chance to explore new places and experience new cultures, it can be a big transitional period in your life. As such, it is important that you have proper pension planning and management to easily facilitate this move, and ensure that you live your life in the sun without having to worry about money. Here are the most important considerations for anyone thinking about making this move.

Pension planning for expatsWhere will you live?

Obviously, this is the most important consideration for anyone looking to retire abroad. It is also essential to consider if you will be a true expat and reside in the country of your choice, or if you will still be domiciled in the UK, as this small difference will have huge implications on your pension, taxes, investments and overall wealth management. Understanding the subtle differences between these statuses, as well as the variations in financial rules and taxes between countries will give you the best possible information when making a decision for planning your pension.

What major expenses are on the horizon?

Investing money into pension plans may be an effective way to manage your finances long term, but could leave you with a cash shortfall if you have any large financial obligations in the near future. Whether this is purchasing a property abroad, helping your children finance a wedding, or even setting up a nest egg for your grandchildren, you must ensure that any investments into pensions are managed properly given your current financial situation.

Should I use a financial advisor?

There are so many financial considerations when planning your pension, and planning towards your retirement fund while also being an expatriate only serves to complicate matters further. In order to ensure that you are meeting all the correct laws and regulations, as well as managing your money effectively, it is often useful to use the services of a financial advisor. Their expert knowledge, combined with their experience in financial and pension planning will give you the peace of mind that your money is being made to work, giving you the best possible start for your retirement in a new country.

Pension planning for expats – where to find out more

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