International Investment Management

There are many financial benefits to being an expatriate working overseas and a whole host of offshore wealth management solutions that can help secure your financial well-being. If you have the capacity to save some of your income, or have a liquid capital sum of money that is not generating a return. Blenheim Global Assets will be able to help you make your money work harder for you with the use of Offshore Investments.

Knowing when to time your lump sum investment or where to save your wealth to ensure it generates the best returns is critical. At Blenheim Global Assets we will help you access the highest institutional interest rates for your lump sum savings, and choose the best funds and investment methods for your money’s growth and protection.

Deciding where and how to invest offshore can be laborious, confusing & time consuming. Blenheim Global Assets highly experienced wealth manager will help you develop an investment strategy that is tailored for you and ensure you are on track to hit your goals and targets. We complete all the work from start to finish & remove the hassle and paper work.

We are offshore investment specialists. Considering your personal financial objectives and your risk tolerance, we can help you invest offshore to leverage the multiple benefits available from international investment diversification.

We offer advice on a variety of topics and answers to many of your questions including;

  • How to invest for a tax free retirement?
  • Where can I invest for greatest tax efficiency?
  • How to access institutional investment funds?
  • What are my investment diversification options?
  • Which bank offers the highest returns?
  • What type of investment should I be looking at?
  • Where do I get access to premier offshore financial centres offering the very best levels of investor protection?
  • Where can I get flexibility, access to income and capital at any time?
  • How do I get inheritance planning assistance?
  • What are the confidentiality and privacy benefits?
  • How do I increased personal and asset privacy and security?
  • How to protect your assets against creditors and bankruptcy?
  • Where can I get access to low administrative fees?
Tax Efficiency
As an expat you may benefit from Double Taxation Agreements (DTA’s) to reduce or eradicate any liabilities.

One of the main attractions of investing overseas is the tax advantages that are often available. Your investment returns may be completely tax-free, or if they are liable for tax, chances are it will be at a far lower rate than you would pay at home.

Choice & Flexibility
International finance means just that. You now have the world at your feet in terms of investment choice and currency and are not limited by structured policies in your home country.

A huge benefit of investing overseas is that there is far greater choice. There are countless investment products that are difficult to access in the UK, so overseas investments give you much more flexibility. Although choice of-course is a great thing to have it can also present you with problems; there can be such a thing as too much choice! That’s where we come in, we are international wealth managers regulated in every jurisdiction in which we operate, our experts will know what is best for you depending on your attitude to risk, what results you are looking for, where you live and what your timescale is. We will make sure you get the very best from your overseas investments.

As an expat it’s quite likely that you will move throughout your career. International investments can move with you and be restructured to take advantage regional regulation.

Simplifying wealth management
If you have between £50,000 and £10 million to save or invest, Blenheim Global Assets can greatly simplify the process of managing your wealth and add layers of confidentiality to ensure your own financial privacy is maintained. As industry expert wealth managers, we have an unrivaled understanding and practical experience of working with high net worth individuals who can benefit from additional private client services and bespoke discretionary fund management services.

From the most appropriate jurisdiction to the most advantageous offshore investment structure, everything will be personally tailored to meet your exact requirements, and to maximise your potential returns.

International investment management – where to find out more

Download our free guide for expatriates and international investors, “The Discerning Investor.” This report is essential reading to ensure that you do not waste the massive financial opportunity available to you now that you live abroad.

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