Intermediary Partners

Blenheim Global Assets are master brokers & advisors to expatriates and international professionals providing a wealth management & advice service that caters for every aspect of our clients’ life.

We work for you so that you can work better for your clients. We understand the challenges that you face in today’s fast moving, interconnected world. We provide the international investment support you need to be able to focus on what you do best: managing client relationships.

Blenheim Global Assets is proud to have long-standing relationships within the intermediary community. We work diligently with our clients’ advisers to provide the master level of expertise for every aspect of their needs. With a broad breadth of service that covers all aspects of finance. We will share the Blenheim Global Assets story with you and discuss how we can help your clients.

Master wealth management solutions, delivered by dedicated experts with a perfect empathy into our clients’ needs. Renowned for our understanding that wealth goes beyond money management, Blenheim Global Assets clients also benefit from our insight into the issues that matter to them, from investments to succession planning and guidance for overseas financial matters.

Blenheim Global Assets wealth managers are accredited beyond the industry standard, ensuring exceptional advice and a sound understanding of our clients’ full needs and objectives and the solutions they need to achieve these.