Everything About Offshore IFAs

If you needed financial advice back in the UK it’s very easy to find an adviser, it’s extremely simple to look on the Financial Conduct Authority register to check whether they are regulated or not. However, as soon as you move overseas, it can feel daunting when you start looking for offshore IFAs.

Offshore there is no real clear true rule about regulation or qualifications. The advisers offshore can still be fee based, commission only or both.

So, its a big wide world out there so how on earth can you find just one person who knows it all who can help you?

Well, here are the details that you need to know about offshore advice, to help you onto the right path.

Why use an offshore IFA?

How to choose an offshore financial adviser

A commission or fee based adviser?

Finally and most important, any legitimate financial adviser will never request that you make a transfer of any funds that you’re saving or investing directly to them. Your money will always go directly to the bank or financial institution you have chosen to do business with.

The good news is there are extremely excellent financial advisers working offshore and internationally. They know how expats can leverage any tax advantages they may have, they know the best jurisdictions for investor protection, they know that one product or path certainly doesn’t suit all, and they can help you make the very most of your own international status by tailoring you a bespoke offshore solution.

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